Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Using Denim at {*Conditions Apply}

Although denim is one the oldest fabrics, it is one that has managed to stay around and be continuously popular throughout fashion history for a long time. For this reason at {*Conditions Apply} we see denim as an investment and also, the fact that denim being a long lasting material, helps reduce fast consumption makes it a very important material to use throughout our collections. 
Denim can be traced all the way back to being used on the sails of one of Columbus' ships, before it begin being used for making clothes. It was then used to make clothing for hard manual workers such as farmers and miners due its durability, hardiness and being a fabric that can withstand all weather conditions. Denim has since been developed into a variety of compositions, now ranging in all weights and suppleness. The word "denim" is believed to originally comes from "Serges de Nimes" meaning the durable, twill fabric "Serge" that was developed in the French town of Nimes. 
For our collections, we source our denims in India where they are produced with extensive care and attention to detail from the initial purifying of the cotton to the rich indigo dyeing. Indigo is among the oldest dyes for textile dyeing and printing, and with India being the oldest and still most major center for indigo dyeing the quality of our denim is unbeatable. 
Throughout our denim capsules, {*Conditions Apply}’s skillfully trained workers mix traditional techniques, such as hand embroidery, to create contemporary pieces of art.

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