Monday, 28 November 2016

Behind the seams at {Conditions Apply*}

{Conditions Apply*} use fashion to help reserve traditional crafts in under-privileged populations that can supply these skills. As consumers around the world are beginning to take responsibility to be conscious about their purchases and to recognize the power they have to make a positive difference when choosing which brands to purchase from, {Conditions Apply*} are proud to provide consumers with a resolution. Having our own, certified with Sedex, factory based in New Delhi, India, we use traditional skills to create contemporary collections.

One of our main crafts we try to reserve at {Conditions Apply*} is hand embroidery which takes a big part in our collections, using cottons in various ways to illustrate hems and detailing. This delicate craft that uses needle and thread or yarn to decorate fabrics is one that has been passed down through generations, it is believed to have been initiated all the way back in the stone age where stones and bones where used for further decoration. Artisans along the way have developed the craft to create the modern day embroidery we have now in all corners of the world, although the techniques still used today are ones that can date back to Chinese thread embroidery in early 3500BC. {*Conditions Apply} cherish the history and beauty of this craft and make the most of our talented employee's who are lucky enough to have been passed down the know-how of this skill from previous generations. Throughout summer to winter collections, our hand embroidery is a very popular aspect of our designs and we enjoy sharing what goes on behind the scenes with our customers.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Inspirational Artist Profile: Lionel Smit

Lionel Smit, artist and sculptor from Pretoria, South Africa. 
Inspires us with his thought provoking works and mesmerising portraits. Smit represented by Rook & Raven UK has made vast achievements with his artistry having shown in the London National Portrait Gallery, selected as featured artist in several art fairs across Amsterdam, Germany, India, Miami, Monaco, London and Hong Kong as well as receiving a Ministerial Award from the South African Department of Culture, Smit has certainly earned his place amongst renowned artists of today.