Monday, 6 March 2017

Inspirational Artist Profile: Fin DAC

“Art, and creativity in general, should not be about social or political statements but only to do with beauty” Fin DAC
This March Fin DAC is seizing our artistic eye with his graceful, gothic, geisha’s and their ‘hidden beauty’.
With his awe inspiring pieces he combines’ the manga genre and traditional Japanese dress with western culture and pointedly uses pan-Asian/Latina female characters to reveal the hidden emotions of these striking women. The ‘Melnagai’ piece was created with stencil and then painted free hand. DAC uses a black and white backdrop and splashes of vibrant colour to convey his girl’s unique feminine features and style. In all the pieces of his ‘Hidden Beauties’ collection he applies a signature splash of colour over their eyes like a mask.
In recent interviews he explained “It’s the only mystery in my work so why spoil it by revealing the nature of it". t
he nature of it”