Sunday, 18 December 2016

Screen Printing at {*Conditions Apply}

At {*Conditions Apply} we believe there are many positive reasons for keeping traditional skills alive. One that has been a big success in our collections over the years has been screen printing.
Screen printing enables every print to be slightly different and unique, the ink is able to sit crisply on the surface which gives it a tactile finish. Preserving traditional craftmanships generates more employment which helps the economy grow with a more unique result of product. 
Screen printing can date back to the prehistoric period, and has since been in a variation of ways. It has been used to make graphics when creating posters during protests over the years, used by artists during contemporary art movements and popularised particularly by well known artist Andy Warhol, and was introduced to being used on clothes originally on t shirts for bold prints and graphics but is now used on a wide variety of garments. 
At our sampling factory in Gurgaon, India we are lucky enough to have several large heated tables where the skilled workers trained in this area like to experiment with different shapes and colours to create prints for our future collections. The screen printing technique consists of creating stencils that are used on a mesh frame to block ink from coming through onto the fabric and leaving behind the design from the stencil. As each colour on the design has to be applied separately, there is waiting time for each colour for it to dry before moving onto the next one- this makes the printing process a slower one but in our eyes is well worth the wait for the results achieved afterwards.

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