Monday, 6 February 2017

ss17 lace

Our ss17 collection sees snippets of lace and crochet trimmings, giving joins and hems a delicate finish. Lace and crochet are very time consuming fabrics to make and require a high level of skill and practice to create them. The first recorded making of these elegant materials goes back to sixteenth century Europe, where women had two distinct ways of making lace; needle lace and bobbin lace. Needle lace is created initially on paper with stay-stitches, with hundreds of small stitches from buttonhole to blanket stitches that cover the entire area with the lace design, and then the stay-stitches are removed and the lace comes away from the paper. Whilst bobbin lace (also known as pillow lace due to using a pillow where the pins hold the threads in place) is made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread which are wound around bobbins, and the pattern of the lace is made based on the positioning of the pins on the pillow. {*Conditions Apply} admire the extent of craftsmanship needed for making lace, and to help keep the craft going we relish in incorporating it into our designs.  

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